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Happymoon owns our central kitchen which is located at 1430 Toorak Road, Camberwell in Melbourne. We do not outsource the meal. We do not share our kitchen or borrow other restaurants’ kitchen. We open 7 days a week and start work very early in the morning, so you can get your meals delivered to your address first thing in the morning. You are mostly welcome to visit us during weekdays (by appointment only).

Happymoon has variety of menu. A basic confinement meal package (everyday is different), includes breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Every customer’s food is customized according to BMI, food allergy, different stages, pregnancy related issues, medical history and etc,. Meals from happymoon are not only benefit for your recovery, but also tasty. Meanwhile, the balanced nutrition from our meals helps new moms to get high quality breast milk (depends on individual’s need).

Our team is headed by Dr. Lin(Ph. D. in Diabetes research), we also have registered Nurse, fabulous chefs, and friendly & knowledgeable customer service representative who will take care of you during the whole meal delivery period. You are welcome to contact the customer service representative if you have any questions or suggestions.


什么是坐月子What is Zuo Yue Zi? The magic of one month of rest after giving birth.

The tradition of “Sitting the Month” or “Zuo Yue Zi” in Chinese medicine has a long history of thousands of years. Much blood is lost during and after childbirth, the new mother’s body is very weak and vulnerable.Chinese medicine believes that this one-month after childbirth is crucial to the future health of the mother and newborn.

In western culture it used to be the practice of ‘lying in’. Each culture has their own variation but all consist of the same hallmarks – rest, warmth, cooked food and help to look after the baby.

Happymoon believes that the 30 days postpartum period is critical for mother’s recovery. In China, every woman knows it is important to Zuo Yue Zi, and doing Zuo Yue Zi right will help you recover from childbirth, produce more breast milk, and revitalize your body.

At Happymoon, we provide “confinement meals” which are delicious traditional postpartum meals for new mothers in Melbourne. We understand that moms in Melbourne would want balanced nutrition and something that’s not too heavy or greasy, and most importantly can help new moms recover better.



Happymoon cooks delicious and convenient meals for best postpartum recovery. There are four stages of recovery for new moms, including Week 1 – Detoxification, Week 2 – Replenish, Week 3 & 4 – Repair and Rejuvenate. Different food is eaten to achieve recovery during these different periods. At happymoon, we practically combine the Asian tradition meals with Western morden nutrition theories, giving you the best postpartum meals.


In addition to all the daily meals, traditional Chinese Herbal meal package provides you with 30 days of Chinese Herbal drinks and soups, to systematically and gradually help the newly moms’ body to detox, repair, replenish, as well as rejuvenate. (can upgrade to Windmill Living Package*)

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